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We are a nation of sports lovers—the thrill of players rushing the field to make the perfect play. A goal was scored in the last five seconds of the game. An athlete who barely surpasses their opponent in the last five yards of a race are all components of sports we, as a society, tend to enjoy.

Many of these sports contain some element of contact. Whether it is with another player or within the course of play, the factor of contact is almost inevitable. If you are the parent of a child athlete, a talented young athlete yourself, or you play contact sports for fun with friends, it is vital that you take the proper precautions to prevent dental health injuries to your mouth and teeth.

A helmet provides great protection, preventing athletes from sustaining serious head injuries such as concussions, cerebral hemorrhaging, jaw fractures, or situations where the lower and upper jaw slide into one another. Although helmets are crucial for preventing injuries, dental injuries are among the most common seen by medical professionals.

There are many severe consequences of oral injuries when the necessary precautions are not taken to protect an athlete’s mouth. Athletes are often left in serious pain in the aftermath of a dental injury. In some cases, this can prevent them from continuing the sport that they love. Sports mouthguards effectively protect the soft tissue in the oral cavity, prevent lacerations to the lips and cheeks, and prevent tooth loss.

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Custom fit mouthguards are made from exact and precise models of a patient’s teeth. This provides a more secure fit that is sure to stay on while you move and run around. They are made of resilient and tear-resistant materials to ensure a proper, comfortable fit. A mouth guard must be protective and resilient, not bulky.

Custom made mouthguards must have excellent retention and sufficient thickness in crucial areas. Sports mouthguards cover the upper and lower teeth, so they don’t just protect your pearly whites. They also safeguard your gums, tongue, cheeks, and lips. Without using a mouth guard, accidents can damage these parts of your mouth, which can then lead to tooth fractures, fractured jaws, and trauma.

While sports mouthguards can be purchased over the counter in sporting goods stores, the most effective contact sports guards are made in a dental lab. Sports mouthguards, which you can buy in stores, are only based on a brief molding of your teeth formed from a hot water boil to the rubber guard.

These guards do not adequately protect each tooth’s unique structure or extend far enough to cover the entire alignment of teeth. We will customize the guard to fit your mouth’s structure to give you the best protection possible at our office.

Dr. Renee Yurovsky has experience working with athletes of all ages to create a comfortable guard that they need to protect their mouths. Many benefits result from having a custom sports guard made, including:

  • Comfort and fit
  • Stability in your mouth
  • Minimal to no effect on breathing
  • Minimal interference with speech
  • Maximum protection

At your initial appointment at our Philadelphia, PA, dental office, Dr. Renee Yurovsky will consult with you on the benefits of receiving a custom guard. She will address the risks and issues involved in the specific sport that you play when it comes to protecting your oral health. There are many advantages to choosing a dentist-made mouthguard over a store-bought one.

Sports Mouth Guards Dentist Philadelphia

Dental Sports Guard Dentist Philadelphia Dr. Yurovsky will start by taking a mold of your mouth and then create a custom mouthguard that will specifically fit the structure of your mouth. This guard will be designed specifically for you, the sport that you play, and your personal dental history.

A professionally made sports guard can also protect lips, jaw, and facial injuries, as well as from concussions. Protect your dental care and yourself from injury; contact Dr. Renee Yurovsky in Philadelphia, PA, at 215-545-1202 for a custom-fitted guard.

The American Dental Association recommends wearing mouthguards during all heavy-contact sports. For more information, please visit their website below.

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