Things You Should Look For When Choosing A Dentist


When looking for a dentist, it is important to start with referrals. Create a list of potential dentists that you find from family, friends, the internet, and other healthcare providers. Asking around for recommendations can be useful, especially when you hear a dentist's name being recommended more than once.

Begin to narrow down your options by researching the dentist's credentials and patient reviews. Using these referrals can help lead you toward finding a dentist that best fits your needs. Start calling potential offices to ask questions and book a consultation that allows you to meet and interview with the dentist.

Ask the Office Questions

When choosing the best dentist for yourself, it is important to call potential offices and ask them about their practice. Do they take part in your dental plan? Consider their office hours, location, and relevance to your home or work. Be sure to ask about appointment policies, after-hour emergencies and their emergency referral service, and the cost of common procedures. Ask about your dental benefits and if the dentist is a part of your network.

Potential patients should even take into consideration the cleanliness of the office, whether they are using up-to-date equipment, the staff's overall attitude, and if it is a safe, welcoming environment. Find a dentist that allows you to feel comfortable turning to them for help, whether it be dropping in for a regular visit or a last-minute dental emergency. Look for an office that confidently shows they have your best interest at heart and always provides patients with a safe and trusted environment.

Research/Understanding Dentist's Credentials

It is important to request the dentist's credentials when researching a prospective dentist's office. This allows you to view a more in-depth review of your dentist and decide whether or not it's the best fit for you. Healthcare is a rather dynamic profession, so it's important to ensure your dentist is up to date regarding new technology and readily available treatments.

Knowing your dentist is on top of furthering their education is a dominant trait to possess for someone in healthcare. Continued learning for all doctors and staff is a good sign that the office prioritizes their ability to never stop educating themselves on new and upcoming healthcare advancements. You can also check with local specialists, keeping in mind the ones that are mentioned more than once, as that can be a good indication to check them out.


In order to find a dentist you feel confident about, be sure to sit down and do your research. This research can consist of a brief history of the Dentist, their experience as a doctor, and even the dentist's education. It is helpful to gain a simple understanding regarding the dentist's medical training and background, as these underlying aspects can go hand in hand with making a patient feel more confident in their choice of dentist.

Reading about the dentist's notable accomplishments and what they may specialize in is also good information to gather before deciding on a dentist. It is not unusual to make sure the dentist has no history of malpractice claims as well.

Evaluate Communication Style

When meeting dentists and visiting different offices, it is crucial to note the communication style portrayed by both the doctors and staff. Whether you have any sort of uneasiness about going to the dentist or are simply seeking the best dentist for you and your family, be aware of the communication style presented by both the dentist and staff. Their communication style amongst one another and towards you plays a large role in how you'll be treated as a patient.

Look for a doctor who is willing to sit down and meet you, listens to your concerns, and isn't afraid to sell themself. Confidence is an important trait to look for when choosing a doctor. They should make you feel comfortable, talking to you from both a personable and educated standpoint that makes you feel at ease regarding your future decisions.

Things To Consider When Choosing Your Dental Office In Philadelphia, PA

Patient Reviews

Many practices have an abundance of reviews readily available to the public that can be found through the internet or the dentist's office's website. Patient reviews are a vital source of information for potential, or incoming patients, as it is always in your best interest to check them out.

Online reviews allow people to see genuine opinions, both positive and negative. Being able to read real reviews from real people who had experiences with the dentist you are considering allows new patients to go in with more confidence and trust.

Use a trusted online review platform and go through any highly recommended dentists in your area to start your research toward finding the perfect dentist for you. Be sure to scan over any low ratings to prepare you for any future conflicts, complaints, or misunderstandings that you're hoping to avoid.

Be Aware Of What Your Insurance Covers

Always be sure to gain a strong understanding of what your dental insurance covers and the costs of both basic and extensive procedures at each practice. This includes routine cleanings, x-rays, cavity fillings, and root canal procedures. Find out which local offices are familiar with your benefit plan, as well as whether or not they offer financing options for treatment costs.

It is always best to pick a dentist that takes part in your plan to avoid any out-of-pocket care. Your healthcare provider should have a list of local offices that are within your network. This can be found on your health insurer's website or through your employer's HR department. If you find a dentist that is outside of your network, know that dental prices are not standardized like medical charges.

While taking your insurance is a top priority for many people when searching for a dentist, find an office that is happy to listen to your concerns and can try to work with you and your insurance plan. If they are unwilling to listen and work with your basic needs, continue searching around for the perfect dentist for you.